Wellness Coaching

Integrative Coaching Programme for Personalized Growth & Wellness

Want to receive ongoing Tibetan Medical and astrological support? Shrīmālā Healing Arts offers individualized health and wellness coaching for online clients around the world.


Drawing upon the traditional sciences of holistic dietetics, herbal medicine, Buddhist philosophy, Tibetan meditation & yoga, and classical astrology, Erik Jampa will lead clients through an extensive and informative process of self-inquiry, working through each aspect of life in order to come to a greater understanding of our bodies, minds, and natural energy, and nurturing greater integration with the world around us. 

With this fully integrative and interactive coaching model, you will receive regular one-on-one video sessions with Erik Jampa, educational videos and audio downloads, guided meditations, astrological analyses, and ongoing personal support in following your personal health plan. 

This is an excellent opportunity to receive dedicated, personalized, non-intimidating guidance in Tibetan Medicine, Classical Astrology, and Meditation. 

Monthly Coaching Program

Ongoing Support for Wellness

& Personal Growth

Receive ongoing guidance in health, dietetics, seasonal transitions, astrology, meditation, yoga, and other topics with monthly consultations. This program is ideal for those who want gradual, ongoing health and wellness support from anywhere in the world.

This Program Includes:

Two monthly coaching sessions 

Tibetan Medical and Astrological guidance

Access to online coaching resources

Meditation & Yoga instructions

Coaching Fee: £99 per month. Cancel at any time.

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Our Approach
We begin our journey with two introductory sessions, which include constitutional analysis and discussion of your personalised health plan. Combining traditional diagnostics with discussion of physical and psychological experiences, personal goals, astrological orientation, spiritual outlook, and more, we will develop a uniquely tailored healing journey for your needs. 
Over our time together, we will explore the following topics: 
  • Your individual typological constitution, and how to customize your approach to wellness based on your personal psycho-physiological orientation.
  • Your personalized health plan, integrating traditional dietetics, behavior, herbal medicine, healing yoga & meditation, and external therapies into a comprehensive and individualized plan for achieving optimum balance with Tibetan Medicine (Sowa Rigpa).
  • Your place in the cosmos, according to classical Hellenistic and Tibetan Astrology (Tsi Rigpa). Utilizing natal chart analyses, progressions, and time lord calculations, we will plot your current position in your karmic journey. 
  • Your seasonal cycles - how to integrate your personal typology with the elemental movement of the seasons to achieve dynamic wellness.
  • Buddhist meditations for honing mindfulness, facilitating healing, and uncovering our true nature.
  • Introduction to the Tibetan Inner Science (Nang-dön Rigpa) and Buddhist philosophy, as well as discussion of your own personal spiritual journey. 
  • Assigned meditations with regular accountability, as well as discussion of experiences, difficulties, and aspirations.
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