The Tree of

Health & Disease

In the 12th century, Yuthok Yönten Gönpo the Younger codified the now-famous Four Tantras of Tibetan Medicine. These four texts form the foundation of Tibetan Medical theory and practice, and are studied by Sowa Rigpa students all around the world. 

In the first of the Four Tantras, known as the Root Tantra, the outline of the entire corpus of medical knowledge is presented through a series of mnemonic trees. In particular, the Root Tantra looks at three main trees - the Tree of Health & Disease (Physiology and Etiology), the Tree of Diagnosis, and the Tree of Treatment. Together, these trees can be used to memorize large amounts of information and neatly compile the major areas of medical theory. 

This interactive model includes 13 pages divided between two trunks, one for the functions of the healthy body, and one for the functions of a disordered body. Click on each section to learn more about Tibetan Medical theory.

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