Two Summations:

Hot and Cold Diseases

In Tibetan Medicine, disorders of the humoral energies can be divided into two general categories of hot and cold disorders. In this case, we look at the four humors connected with the Greek medical tradition - rLung, Tripa, Pekén, and Trak (blood). Tripa and Trak are defined as hot-natured energies, while Pekén and rLung are defined as cold-natured energies.

While rLung is described as being cold in nature, based on its inherently cool quality, in actuality this humor is ambi-valent, with the capacity to increase both hot and cold conditions. We can imagine this as wind's ability to both speed freezing (i.e. wind-chill) and stoke a fire. This power, as well as rLung's motility, places it at the center of all systemic imbalance. rLung, for instance, is responsible for metastasis of all hot and cold-natured tumors, making treatment of wind an important factor in the management of any kind of cancer. 

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Tripa, or "bile" is hot and light in quality, like the flame of a strong fire. Disorders of excess Tripa often manifest with inflammation and fever, while a deficiency of Tripa (especially in digestion) hampers our metabolic fire and other heat functions in the body.


Trak, or "blood," is responsible for the maintenance of heat in the body, in addition to its principal role of spreading nutrients through the system. If we have "excess blood" (i.e. hypertension), body heat increases and we may feel warm. If we have "blood deficiency" (i.e. hypotension), one of the most common symptoms is cold extremities.



rLung, or "wind," is naturally cold-natured when acting on its own. Individuals with a rLung constitution are usually vulnerable to cold and windy conditions, and experience worse conditions in cold climates. However, if rLung is operating in conjunction with hot-natured conditions (i.e. Tripa excess), then it can increase heat. 


Pekén is naturally cold-natured based on its cool, heavy, and wet qualities. As the union of elemental Water and Earth, excess Pekén can "freeze" our system, stalling metabolism and impacting our mental "fire."

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