The Seven Bodily Constituents

The Seven Bodily Constituents are the seven phases of metabolism that our food, drinks, and medicine go through in order to produce the tissues of our body. This process produces two kinds of substances - pure substances and impure byproducts. The pure substances are transformed into progressively refined tissues, while the impure substances produce bile liquid, hair, nails, teeth, body oils, etc.


Impure Byproducts

Bile liquid

1. Chyle

(Nutritional Essence)

2. Blood

3. Muscle

4. Fat/Adipose Tissue

5. Bone Tissue

6. Bone Marrow

7. Reproductive Fluids

Stool & urine

Orificial impurities

Body oils

Teeth, nails, & hair

Oil in stool

Sperm & Ovum

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