The Tibetan syllable AH (ཨ) is considered to be the primordial mantric sound of the universe. It is the first sound that we utter at birth, and is connected with our fundamental basic nature according to the Dzogchen teachings. 

This syllable AH is presented in a circle, remniscant of the thigle of radiating light that emanates from the sound of the seed syllable. 

The letter AH is frequently worn by Dzogchen practitioners as a protective device (especially when blessed by a master) or as a simple reminder of our true nature. 

This piece is cast in pure silver, though it is also available in 9ct gold. 

Please allow up to two weeks for production. 

Tibetan AH in Circle

  • This piece is 22mm in diameter, 2.5mm thick, and weighs 7 grams. 

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