This size K ring (US size 5 1/2) ring is made of sterling silver, copper, and 9ct gold accents. It features a bright blue topaz set on a gold-accented copper disc, crafted to commemorate the passing of autumn into winter. The band's texture has been formed through reticulation, a fire treatment that results in unique one-of-a-kind finishes and forms.  


The copper disc is fused with 9ct gold, creating a beautiful warm pink colour that oxidizes over time, revealing the untainted gold that sits atop the changing copper. In just this way, autumn provides us a chance to strip away broken concepts and habits that do not represent our innermost golden essence, confidently ushering us into our energetic winter hibernation. 


This is a seasonal one-of-a-kind ring, and unfortunately cannot be resized. 

Ring of Early Winter

  • This ring is size K (US 5 1/2). To custom order a similar design in your size, please email us at

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