Union, or jorwa in Tibetan, is used to describe many features of tantric Buddhist practice. We "unite" with manifestations of enlightenment during deity yoga, we "unite" the solar and lunar energies, and the very concept of "yoga" (or naljor) is centered around union with the natural state. 

But on a deeper level, "union" is a bit of a misnomer. Instead of uniting two individual and distinct forces, the naljorpa joins emergent aspects of the very same base, recognizing that they were never truly dual to begin with. 

This silver ring features two 4mm stones, bound in the union of two seemingly disconnected worlds (which were in fact always one). This is a hand-forged piece, and can be customized with the size and stones of your choosing, but the piece pictured is a size P (US size 8) with a blue topaz and Swarovski CZ. 

This piece can be customized as a lovely non-traditional engagement ring, as a symbolic representation of the union of solar and lunar energies, or even as a commemoration of cosmic events. 

While the modern practice of associating "birthstones" with Gregorian months may seem a bit silly and capitalistic, the origins of birthstones actually lie in astrological practice. The stone associated with one's sun sign was often worn as a kind of talisman, and both stones and metals had many astrological applications in the production of amulets. 

In the Western tradition, tropical zoidia are associated with the following stones:

Aquarius - Garnet
Pisces - Amethyst
Aries - Bloodstone
Taurus - Sapphire
Gemini - Agate
Cancer - Emerald
Leo - Onyx
Virgo - Carnelian
Libra - Chrysolite
Scorpio - Beryl
Sagittarius - Topaz
Capricorn - Ruby

Ring of Union

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