This 4" handcrafted copper amulet (Tib. gau) is filled with five of the most powerful examples of traditional alchemy in the world today. Tibetan rinchen rilbu ("precious pills") are ancient medical compounds formulated with precious substances like gold, pearl, coral, and tso-thal, which have been purified and processed through secret alchemical means. These powerful medicines are prescribed by Tibetan Doctors for serious conditions.

One each of the following pills are included in these amulets: 

  • Rinchen Drangjor Rilnag Chenmo ("The Great Precious Cooling Black Pill")
  • Rinchen Mangjor Chenmo ("The Great Precious Multi-Ingredient Pill")
  • Rinchen Ratna Samphel ("Precious Wish-Fulfilling Jewel")
  • Rinchen Jumar 25 ("Precious Coral 25")
  • Rinchen Chakril Chenmo ("Precious Great Iron Pill")


'Rinchen Rilbu' Copper Amulet

  • Please note that we make no claims or recommendations regarding the ingestion of these substances. This amulet is only intended to be worn as a Buddhist protective talisman or placed on an altar. Please only purchase this item if you have some existing knowledge of Tibetan Medicine and rinchen rilbu.
    Copper amulet handcrafted in Nepal. 

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