General Locations of the Three Nyépa

The Three Nyépa, while individually subdivided into 15 particular categories of humoral energy, are themselves broadly associated with specific regions of the body. In this case, Pekén is connected with the head/upper body, Tripa is connected with the middle torso, and rLung is connected with the pelvic region. While this is the case, individual energies can appear in other places, as well (i.e. the Life-Sustaining rLung located in the head). 

Head/Upper Body - Pekén

Middle Torso - Tripa

Pelvic Region - rLung

Pekén is primarily located in the head, producing brain tissue and governing experience of the sensory organs. Mucosal accumulation in the head is connected to Pekén.

Tripa is primarily located in the central body, around the latitudes of the liver and heart - which are the main centers of heat in the body.

rLung is primarily located in the pelvic region, the main center of sexual arousal, as well as the colon's accumulation of air.

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