Gateways of Disease

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The gateways of disease are the six "entryways" through which disease enters and attacks the body. It is most clearly seen in cases of flu and contagious fevers, which begin with skin sensitivity, develop into muscle pains and deep bone pain, then go on to affect solid organs such as the heart, finally manifesting in problems with the hollow organs (like the large intestine and stomach). 


The Skin

Particularly in the case of contagious disease, beginning stages of infection are often marked by discomfort and pain in the skin, signaling the disease's infiltration of the outer body.


Spread through the Channels

Once the disease has entered the internal body, it is spread through the channels and becomes systemic. This is when aches and pains give way to fever and general inflammatory responses.


Landing on the Solid Organs

Once the disease has become deeply set within the body, it begins to attack the inner organs. It begins with the solid organs, such as the heart and spleen.


Settled into Muscles

After the disease enters the skin, it can seep into the muscle tissue, causing general aches and pains. This is readily seen in contagious diseases like the flu, with general malaise and muscle pain.


Sticking to the Bones

After spreading through the body via the channel systems, disease sticks to the bones, causing deep systemic symptoms like strong fevers and deep bone pain.


Descending into Hollow Organs

Once the disease has attacked the solid organs, it affects the hollow vessel organs, such as the large intestine and lungs. 

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