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Deluxe Natal Chart Analysis

3-hour personalised online

astrology consultation

Duration: 3 hours   |   Price: £199
Our most comprehensive Natal Chart Analysis integrates tropical Hellenistic Astrology with the wisdom of Tibetan Jung-Tsi.
The Natal Chart Analysis will provide a broad overview of your life, including the famed 2nd-century Zodiacal Aphesis timelord technique of Vettius Valens. With this approach, you will not only get to investigate the major influences on your life, but identify when and where they will arise most reliably. 


What's included


Your 3-hour video consultation will cover:

Comprehensive Hellenistic Natal Chart Analysis

Zodiacal Aphesis (Releasing) from the Lot of Spirit

Annual Profections from the Ascendant

Tibetan Natal Animal Profile

Constitutional analysis

"Four Precious Stones" according to Jung-tsi

"13 Marks" yearly horoscope

Obstacle year forecast

Natal & Progressed Mewa

Natal & Progressed Parkha

And more!


You will receive a 15-page PDF document with charts and descriptions, as well as an audio recording of your session.


This appointment can be broken into two sessions or done in a single 3-hour consultation.


Please note that this appointment requires about 3 hours of preparation, and appointment scheduling may require adjustment so please schedule your consultation at least two weeks in advance.


You will receive a Zoom link once you’ve booked this service.

For any questions, please contact me:

About Shrīmālā

Our astrological services consist of a unique blend of classical Hellenistic and Tibetan interpretation techniques, some of which have been in practice for well over 2,000 years.

Erik Jampa has been conducting astrological consultations professionally for over seven years, though his studies began much earlier in childhood. His interpretation techniques are informed by cross-disciplinary study in traditional medicine, Buddhist psychology, and Tibetan ritual arts. Through his years of experience with clients, Erik has developed the Shrīmālā Method, which he teaches to students worldwide.  

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